WPU Centennial Founding Anniversary Celebration: A Success

            The Western Philippines University, a higher education institution located at Aborlan, Palawan, celebrates its centennial founding anniversary this year with the theme “Fostering Development with Excellence”. This university began as a Farm Settlement School for the indigenous group of people in Palawan known as the Tagbanuas in 1910. Since then, it has changed its name to Aborlan Agricultural High School (1928); Palawan National Regional Agricultural School (1960); Palawan National Agrucultural School (1962); Palawan National Agricultural College (1963); State Polytechnic College of Palawan (1995) and finally, Western Philippines University (2004).

            In line with the centennial celebration, series of activities for the whole year were prepared by the students and the administration. The celebration was formally opened on February 26, 2010. It started with the centennial parade which was participated in by the students, members of the faculty and staff, and the WPU alumni. It was followed by the honor ceremony and the opening program. It ended with the field demonstration and street dancing competition participated in by the different WPU Campuses. The year-long activities for this centennial celebration include the following:



February 8

Parade of Light

February 9

Battle of the Bands

February 12

Binibining Masculado

February 13


February 14

“True Love Waits” Seminar

February 15

ASHS Juniors-Seniors (JS) Prom

February 15-20

WPU-PPC Agri-Fish Fair

February 16

Opening of Booths (SBG)

Search for University Idol

February  17

Mr and Ms WPU Centennial  Talent Night

February 18

Fashion Evolution for a Cause

February 19

Students’ Day & Night

February 20

Cultural Night

February 22

7 AM  Centennial Flag Ceremony

9 AM Thanksgiving Mass/Service


10:30 AM Unveiling the Bell

    Ribbon Cutting and Opening of  Historical  Exhibit


    Ribbon Cutting and Opening of the Plant Show and

    Agri-Products Festival


    Distribution of Souvenir Program


 2PM         Ribbon Cutting and Opening of  SAKA Exhibit

February 23

 24th WPU-BOR Meeting


“Unveiling of the Oldest Surviving Tree  at SAKA Village and

  Renewal of MOA with Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI)”


 An Evening with the WPU Centennial President




February 24

Research Forum

WPU Centennial Chess Tournament

February 25

RODEO 2010


Arrival of Alumni for the Homecoming

·      Jobs Fair/Medical Mission


Search for Mr and Ms WPU Centennial

February 26

Centennial Parade (Time – 1:30PM)

·      Parade of Decades

·      Honor Ceremony

·      Opening Program

·      Mass Demo (by main campus)

·      Street Dancing (by campus)


Food Festival at the Oval


Cultural/Variety Show (Pasiklaban)


February 27

 Alumni General Assembly Meeting

 Alumni Socials and Awards Night

February 28

 Closing of Plant Show

 WPU Socials and Awards Night

“Noli Me Tangere” Theatrical Presentation




March 10

 Lecture Series # 1        

 Jobs Fair

April 7

 WPU Centennial Graduation

April 28

 SAKA Thanksgiving Night

April 29

 SAKA Graduation


 President’s Convocation

July 2

  Centennial Dance Fever

August 6

Centennial Fever


Centennial Olympics

August 17-18

R & D Highlights and Symposium (STARRDEC)

September  3

Centennial Fever


CSC Celebration

 Lecture Series # 2    

Updates on CSC, GSIS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth Guidelines

October 1

Centennial Fever


October 5-8

WPU-PPC Ecology and Fish Conservation Week

November 5

Centennial Fever


 Christmas Joy at WPU”

·      Carnival

·      Lantern and Torch Parade

·      Barn Dance

·      Fireworks Display


 Luzonwide R & D Review



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