Strategic Goals

Goal #1: Achieved international recognition as Knowledge Center for Sustainable Development


  1. Attain academic excellence

  • Offer relevant curricular programs
  • Offer special learning programs
  • Review/revise curricular programs vis-à-vis CMO, K–12 program and industry requirements
  • Submit for program and institutional accreditation
  • Aspire for and sustain recognition of major programs
  •  Improve performance of programs in licensure examinations
  • Improve employability of graduates

  2. Implement excellent academic programs and processes

  • Implement fully the vertical articulation of programs
  • Implement departmentalization of GE course offerings
  • Implement reasonable faculty workload system
  • Review/revise academic policies and processes

  3. Promote student welfare

  • Expand scholarship and financial assistance programs
  • Improve/expand student services
  • Provide opportunities for development of talents and skills of students

    Goal #2: Developed into a green academic community based on accepted standards


  1.Upgrade physical facilities

  • Upgrade academic and support facilities
  •  Repair/modify existing and construct new buildings and infrastructures that conform to green technology
  • Procure environment-friendly vehicles and farm machineries
  • Provide light and water in the most efficient way
  • Improve campus landscaping
  •  Improve sports and cultural facilities
  •  Improve communication and internet facilities  

  2. Implement human resource development program

  • Provide assistance to qualified faculty and staff in their pursuit of graduate studies along their line of specialization
  • Send faculty and staff to local, national and international seminars and trainings
  • Implement standard human resource management practices
  • Promote faculty and staff welfare
  •  Institute performance evaluation system for faculty and staff


  3. Advocate green initiatives among faculty and staff, students and other stakeholders

  • Identify and implement green initiatives
  •  Implement continuous information/advocacy for green initiatives
  •  Establish ecological parks and ecotourism areas

  4. Implement effective administrative systems and processes

  • Review/revise OS, code, manuals
  • Define administrative process flows
  • Define coordination among administrative and academic offices
  • Define and follow standard communication flow
  • Maintain up-to-date and accessible information database
  • Provide effective administrative support services

  5. Implement viable resource generation projects

  •  Improve existing viable IGP projects
  • Implement new IGP projects
  • Venture into other income generating activitiesReview systems/ processes for IGP operations
Goal #3: Established prominence in research and extension in      West Philippines


  1. Establish a clear framework for research and extension undertakings

  • Strengthen R&D/E governance
  • Review/formulate the University R&D/E Agenda
  • Strengthen the R&D/E activities of the various Colleges
  • Establish policies for implementing internally and externally funded R&D/E projects
  • Review/implement an incentive/support system for R&D/E workers

  2. Improve research and development output of the university

  •  Implement relevant and responsive research and development projects
  • Publish the University Research Journal regularly and elevate it to a refereed journal
  • Conduct/co-sponsor research fora in the national and international levels
  • Motivate students to conduct and present/publish researches

  3. Improve delivery of extension services of the university

  • Implement relevant and responsive extension projects
  • Provide technical assistance and training services to clientele
  • Prepare and disseminate IEC materials

  4. Improve institutional research & extension capability

  •  Allow faculty to attend seminars on R&E related topics
  • Establish/upgrade R&E facilities
  • Establish research centers to cater to various areas of specialization
  • Establish/strengthen linkages with other R&E entities
  • Encourage/incorporate resource generation activities while implementing R&E projects
  • Monitor/evaluate all R&E projects/activities

  5. Improve invention and creative work outputs

  •  Increase invention and creative works output
  • Provide support and incentives to personnel developing new inventions and creative works
  • Review/implement the provisions of the IP manual    


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