Its circular shape symbolizes the wheel of development which is dynamic in nature. The golden gear is like a light that guides the University in carrying out its threefold function of instruction, research, and extension, as it envisions itself as a key contributor to industrialization and global competitiveness. The green polygon and three green lines represent the terrestrial resources, while the blue waves stand for the aquatic resources. These symbols affirm the University's mission to work for sustainable development and environment protection.


Western Philippines University

The pride of my homeland, Palawan

For thy honor and glory we stand united

From North to South,  from East to West

Thy name we'll ever praise

Western Philippines, our school beloved

Far though we may roam through joy and grief

Through light and gloom, thy name will inspire us

Our school dear alma mater, to Thee we give our loyalty

Whether we are far or near

We think of thee, WPU




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San Juan, Aborlan, Palawan, Philippines