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(as of December 30, 2017)

Candidate Status

Level I

Level II

Level III

Level IV

Main Campus

MS Rural Dev.

MS Ext’n Sys. Mgt.

BS Agriculture

BS Home Econ.

BS Forestry

BS Envi. Mgt.

BS Agri. Eng.

BS Mech. Eng.

BS Electrical Eng.

BS Civil Eng.

BS Public Ad.

BS Business Ad.

BS Hosp. Mgt.

BS Social Work

BS Criminology

BS Agri. Bus.

B Agri. Tech.

B Elem. Educ.

B Sec. Educ.

PPC Campus

MS Mar. Bio.

BS Public Ad.

BS Bus. Mgt.

BS Hosp. Mgt.

BS Crim.

M. Pub. Ad.

BS Aqua. Bio.

B. Elem. Educ.

B. Sec. Educ.

BS Fisheries

Quezon Campus

B.Elem. Educ.

B.Sec. Educ.

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