Finally, let's harvest the fruit of our labor!
The apples will undergo reverse osmotic process to extract the juice and the juice will have to undergo the process of fermentation to produce the wine. The product is yellowish-brown in color and becomes reddish brown upon aging. It contains ten to twelve percent ethyl alcohol.

Click on the image on the left to view how cashew wine is made.

Wine Processing

The Ingredients Amount
Fresh cashew apples 1 kg
Refined white sugar 96 g
Instant yeast teaspoon
Egg white cup
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Chopping board
Weighing scale
Stainless casserole/vat
Stainless ladle
Glass/plastic funnel
Fermenting bottles
Fermenting jars
Cheese cloth
Measuring spoon
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Ingredients Preparation

Alcoholic Fermentation

The end product of the process is the Cashew Wine.
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Cost and Return Analysis

Will I really earn almost half the money I’m going to invest on cashew wine?

Come on! I’ll take you to the world of Cashew business. It’s really not that difficult. You can even do this right at your doorstep! Let’s start small with twenty-five bottles…

Think about this. The total amount needed to buy the materials for a twenty-five bottle cashew wine is only about P442.75. Let’s say you invite two of your friends to help you out on weekends and they get P100.00 each to prepare the wine. That’s more fun than bumming around doing nothing, right? So, you pay P200.00 for your labor cost. Adding them all up, we get a production cost of P642.75. Hmmm, that should just be somewhere in your piggy bank, or maybe you can discuss this amount with your parents at home. This shouldn’t be that much (Just make sure to show them it’s really worth it!). Okay, now, if you sell each bottle for P38.50, and you get that charisma going, you should sell all those twenty-five bottles worth P962.50. Simply deduct the production cost and you’ve just earned P320.25. That’s almost half the amount you used to start your small business! You don’t believe it? See for yourself.

Check out the table below for more details.

Material Cost for Cashew Wine
Quantity Unit Item Description Unit Cost Total Amount
25 kg Cashew apple 5.00 125.00
2.4 kg Whie sugar 35.00 84.00
93.75 gram Yeast 260.00/500g 48.75
25 pc Wine bottle (350ml cap) 4.00 100.00
2 pc Egg 5.00 10.00
25 pc Cap and seal (plastic) 1.00 25.00
1 sheet Gold foil 20.00 20.00
1 pack Cotton 5.00 5.00
1/2 kg LPG 25.00 25.00
TOTAL          442.75

Materials Cost442.75
Labor Cost200.00
Toatal Production Yield25 bottles
Production Cost per bottle25.68
Selling price per bottle (50% mark-up)38.50

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